2020 Census - Get Prepared

LUCA Communities Connect with Students/Interns

The first opportunity municipalities have in assisting with the 2020 Census is the Local Update of Census Address (LUCA). This is a tremendous undertaking and we encourage you to partner with competent graduate and undergraduate students in your region who can assist with many of the tasks associated with LUCA.  

The information in the table below details how staff from localities and regional councils can connect with interns/students in their regions. Call or email the persons associated with the universities and colleges nearest you to learn more about students available to assist with LUCA.  Contact Cate Bohn at the Council on Children and Families with any additional questions.

Individuals Working with Interns/Students Need to

  • Be the individuals who are directly responsible for the LUCA or part of the team assigned to the LUCA;
  • Be willing to share expertise and provide guidance to students who assist with LUCA tasks; and
  • Participate in 1-2 webinars with other mentors regarding their experience working with students.

Qualifications of Students

The students are in the fields of demography, geography, sociology, public administration, computer sciences and public health. Many of the programs are graduate level. In some instances, faculty may work with students at the undergraduate level.


Institution/ Department

Contact Person Phone email
Central NY Binghamton University Public Administration Joann Lindstrom 607.777.9178 jlindst@binghamton.edu 
Central NY SUNY Polytechnic Institute  Sim Covington Jr.  315.792.7165  covings@sunyit.edu
Central NY Upstate Medical & Syracuse University Public Health Martha Wojtowycz 315.464.1700 wojtowym@upstate.edu
Central NY  Cornell University, Dept of Applied Demographics Warren Brown  607.255.2127 warren.brown@cornell.edu 
Genesee Finger Lakes University of Rochester Goergen Institute for Data Science Lisa Altman  585.275.5288  lisa.altman@rochester.edu
Hudson Valley SUNY New Paltz Chirakkal Easwaran 847.257.3514 easwaran@newpaltz.edu
Long Island Stony Brook University Public Health Joanmarie Maniaci  ---------- joanmarie.maniaci@stonybrookmedicine.edu
North Country St. Lawrence University Carol Cady 315.229.5489 ccady@stlawu.edu
Genesee-Finger Lakes / Western NY SUNY Brockport Department of Public Administration Celia Watt 585.395.5568 cwatt@brockport.edu
Capital Region UAlbany SUNY Depts of Sociology, Geography & Public Health Cate Bohn 518-473-5606 cate.bohn@ccf.ny.gov 
Western NY SUNY Buffalo Department of Geography Abigail Cooke --------------  amcooke@buffalo.edu