Early Childhood Career Development

Since the early 1990's, the Council on Children and Families has worked with early care and education professionals to strengthen and expand opportunities for those exploring careers in early childhood and school-age programs, as well as those already working in the field. The Council's work in this area has included the following projects:

  • NYS Career Development Initiative—From 1991 to 1998, the Council led a statewide initiative that created and implemented two statewide career and professional development systems' plans. Each plan focused on building a system of career and professional development to enable people working in early care and education programs and settings to gain the skills and competencies needed to offer quality services for children and families.
  • Children's Program Administrator Credential—This credential addresses the significant need for educational opportunities in program administration and outlines the process and requirements for completing and obtaining the Children's Program Administrator Credential.
  • Infant/Toddler Care and Education Credential— This credential addresses the growing need for educational opportunities for people serving infants and toddlers and outlines the process and requirements for completing and obtaining the Infant/Toddler Care and Education Credential.
  • Early Care and Education Trainer Credential— This credential provides a systemic approach for helping early care and education programs identify qualified trainers. The credential program validates the trainer's education and experience with children and/or families or in a specialized content area, and evaluates the trainer's competence in preparing and implementing professional development experiences to increase knowledge, improve professional practice, and create higher quality programs for children and families.
  • www.earlychildhood.org— This website is a one-stop source of information for early childhood professionals, supporting efforts to improve the quality of early childhood programs.
  • Literacy Development for Early Care and Education Providers with Low-literacy Skills— The Council, in conjunction with the State University of New York's Training Strategies Group, Office of Children and Family Services' Division of Child Care, and Literacy-New York, developed a two-day workshop on the challenges faced by trainers working with child care professionals who are not strong readers or speakers of the English language. Topics included how to develop easy-to-read materials and activities on using children's literature to enhance the literacy skills of children and providers.