Project LAUNCH - New York

The NYS Council on Children and Families was awarded a five year (2009-2014) federal $4.25 million Project LAUNCH (Linking Actions for Unmet Needs in Children's Health) grant to promote the wellness of young children from birth to 8 years of age by addressing the physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of their development and better integrating health and mental health services for them. 

“Project LAUNCH gives us the opportunity to build on our efforts to strengthen partnerships between the mental health community and all child-serving systems, including primary care settings and early care and education services,” said Council on Children and Families Executive Director Deborah Benson.  “We are particularly proud of the relationship with our colleagues in Westchester County, led by the Open Door Family Medical Centers, as we strive to improve child wellness for individuals and communities.” 

Parent Guide Website Icon

Infants don't come with instructions but parents in New York State have a new website, the Parent Guide, to help answer the most frequently asked questions during the first few months with an infant. 

NY Parent Guide provides parents with easy-to-use materials and tools such as ejournals, to help parents support their child's physical, social, and emotional health right from the start. Delivering information in a comprehensive package helps parents use and understand the information. Best news yet, the website is scalable to adapt to smartphone and tablet sizes as well as equipped with site-wide translation into hundreds of known written languages. 

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